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André Rocha

CO-Founder & CPO

Peter M. Irizarry

CO-Founder & CEO

David Duarte


Fernando Sousa

Sports Consultant

Emanuel Cunha

Sports Consultant

William Mentzelopoulos

Sports Consultant

Ivo Jaime

Graphic Designer

André Guerra

Customer Success Manager

Jorge Castelo

Soccer Advisor

André Rocha

CO-Founder & COO

Peter M. Irizarry

CO-Founder & CEO

David Duarte


Fernando Sousa

Sports Consultant

Emanuel Cunha

Sports Consultant

William Mentzelopoulos

Sports Consultant

Ivo Jaime

Graphic Designer

André Guerra

Customer Success Manager

Jorge Castelo

Soccer Advisor

Our users opinion

The actual requirements in sports high competition level, force us to look for higher standards of efficiency and effectiveness in the observation and analysis procedures. VO allows us to achieve that, becoming a technological instrument that we won't give up in the future, as it help us become better coaches.

Alexandre Santos

FC Porto Assistant Coach

It’s fast and intuitive. It’s a great software that allow us to make our own observation system. During our work, it grants us great support in team analysis.

José Roque Costa

Portugal/Vitória de Guimarães Youth Team’s Analysis and Observation Department Coordinator

My technical team uses VO in all processes of our's and opponent's match observation and analysis. This instrument helps fulfilling a range of tasks in the fastest and simplest way, allowing me to have more and better information that I consider of great importance in the development of my coaching and competition work.

José Peseiro

FC Porto Coach

When we talk about performance observation and analysis, we always look to improve small details of our team or know opponent’s game patterns. Nothing better then getting to know those in a short time. Videobserver allows us that time savings, being a practical and functional tool for all those who strive to attain higher performance levels continuously.

Renato Carvalho

Brazil/Desportivo Brasil Director of Inteligence and Scouting Departament

VO is an extremely operational tool that helps us decisively, to manage our time in a more efficient way. It’s an easy to use software in terms of video organization and allow us to access all information in a faster way.

Ricardo Dionisio

EAU/Al Whada

Indispensable for any technical team! With the short of time that coaches have to analyse their team and opponents, Videobserver is a fundamental tool in our daily affairs.

Rodolfo Miguens

Poland/WKS Zawisza Bydgoszcz S.A Assistant Coach

The registered data is stored and processed in a central system that automatically generates dynamic match reports, players and scouting reports. It allows to create and edit videos online in a simple and fast way. It's also fast sharing data with players and with the rest of the technical team. We save time and also we are able to shape it according to our own way of working and understanding the game.

Rui Vitória

SL Benfica Coach

Videobserver is a software that will change the football performance analysis as we know it. It’s a complete and efficient software. I use it, as well all my co-workers, in a daily basis.

Bruno Comelli

EAU/Emirates Club Assistant Coach/Performance Analyser

There are images that have an unique and obvious meaning, not allowing the viewer a different interpretation of what they represents. However, always focused on performance and results, VO gives coaches an endless collection of information and images that allows them to improve their team's play.

Jhony Da Conceição

Sheffield Wednesday F.C. Performance Analyst

To plan and organize training, evaluation is necessary. Videobserver allows more and better information for coaches and player in real time and after trainings/matches. It’s an essential tool to any coach to get to know his team and opponents, offering qualitative and quantitative data like no other software can do. It’s the coach's future tool!

Prof. Bruno Travassos


Videobserver gives me the tools that I need for my observation and analysis work.

Adil Amarante

Shenzhen Nanling Tielang/China Futsal Coach

Smartcoach is the simplest, most intuitive and faster way to collect information during the game. Now it’s possible to obtain the right information at the right time, making it easier to make the necessary decisions during the game.

Bruno Fuzeiro

S.L. Benfica/Portugal Futsal Scouting Manager

Analyse, correct, coach, train, play, analyse,… Being this the natural way, game analysis is essential and has a great influence in the training process. For a better performance, to play better...

Orlando Duarte

Latvia/FK Nikars Coach

Videobserver is a tool that supplies and records detailed information in real-time to the coach, allowing him/her to make better future decisions. Statistical and multimedia information that goes with us everywhere.

Simão Assunção

Latvia/FK Nikars Assistant Coach

Coach's creativity has no limits with Videobserver. Detailed, fast and complete observations. It's a great tool to support you in the analysis of your team and your opponents. It also saves you time.

Goran Nogic

Portugal/SL Benfica Basketball Coach

VO is a versatile great tool, helping each one with his own needs. With VO I can make a qualitative and quantitative analysis of my opponents.

Tiago Vaz

Portugal/Benfica LAB

It doesn't score goals, but helps you build victories.

Prof Luis Senica

Portugal/Roller Hockey National Team Coach

The more we invest on VO, the more it gives back. With VO I’m a better coach. VO is an essential tool for me. Observation, analysis and data management = VO.

Pedro Nunes

Portugal/SL Benfica Roller Hockey Coach

Analysis and video observation is a coach’s concern. With Videobserver, we merge the individual and collective analysis and monetize the little time available. Essential for any coach!

Rolando Freitas

Portugal/National Handball Team Coach

With the short time available to prepare the National Team, Videobserver helps us to manage time in the most efficient way.

João Florêncio

Angola/National Handball Team Coach

An intuitive interface that eases the work of collecting, processing, analysing and storing data. After trying out Videobserver, it became part of the team.

António Lopes

Portugal/Feminine National Handball Team Researcher and Lecturer, Performance Analyst

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