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Does it work without video?

Yes! You can access live analysis tools and produce realtime data.

Is Videobserver affordable?

Yes! We have the perfect plan to match your needs.

Is it easy to use?

Yes! We are here for you in every step of the process with learning materials and live support.

Can I collect statistics from players?

Yes! The statistics can be presented in individual player reports or team by game for a thorough team analysis.

Can I do my own analysis?

Yes! The system is completely customizable. Your actions, your analysis, your reports.

“...VO gives the coach an endless set of images...”

Jhony Da Conceição
Dubai/Al AhliAl Ahli Academy
“There are images that have an unique and obvious meaning, not allowing the viewer a different interpretation of what they represents. However, always focused on performance and results, VO gives coaches an endless collection of information and images that allows them to improve their team's play.”

“...sports high competition level...”

Alexandre Santos
EAU/Al Whada
Assistant Coach
“The actual requirements in sports high competition level, force us to look for higher standards of efficiency and effectiveness in the observation and analysis procedures. VO allows us to achieve that, becomong a technological instrument that we will never want to let go in the future, as it help us become better coaches.”
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